Landscape Lighting by the Numbers

Some home upgrades are smarter investments than others, especially when it comes to return on investment (ROI) and resale value.

The good news is there are many other simple, budget-friendly upgrades to optimize a home’s value and maximize your enjoyment of the space in the meantime.

Landscape lighting is one such investment, and more homeowners have listed the feature as their “most wanted” home upgrade.

That’s because brilliant landscape lighting design comes with a slew of benefits – from minimal maintenance and strong ROI to immediate curb appeal.

Landscape lighting’s aesthetic advantages are apparent, but here’s a quick breakdown of landscape lighting by the numbers – and why it should be your go-to home upgrade this summer:

A Low-Risk, High-ROI Home Improvement

Certain “home improvement” projects end up costing a lot more than they’re worth.

Installing a backyard pool, for example, can either increase or detract from a home’s appeal, depending on the buyer. Many homeowners decide it’s simply not worth the risk – or the time and financial investment.

On the other hand, you have safer value-add investments with a nearly guaranteed ROI, like sprucing up an outdoor entertainment area or replacing garage doors. Similar to a pool, however, these improvements can easily cost thousands of dollars.

Adding exterior lighting is a no-brainer, yielding an average 50 percent ROI or higher. Landscape lighting installation is also more affordable and less time-intensive than most upgrades, making it a hassle-free, low-commitment way to boost your home’s value and ambiance.

LEDs Lead the Charge in Energy and Cost Savings

You can further maximize your landscape lighting ROI by using LED fixtures, instead of standard light bulbs.

LEDs are much more eco-friendly than other lighting options, and their high energy savings help you lower your environmental impact – and energy bill. Here are just some benefits LEDs have over standard bulbs:

  1. Energy-Efficient – LEDs are up to 90 percent efficient, whereas panel lights waste 98 percent of their energy

  2. Cost-Effective – LEDs cost 10 times less than traditional light sources over the lifespan of the bulb

  3. Long-Lasting – LED light bulbs last up to 50 times longer than traditional bulbs (50,000-hour lifespan vs. 1,000-hr lifespan)

  4. Eco-Friendly – Other than sunlight, LEDs are the No. 1 environmentally-friendly light source

LEDs have quickly become the go-to landscape light source for many homeowners, thanks to their longer lifespan, greater durability and lower maintenance and energy costs.

LEDs are a smart and cost-effective alternative for landscape lighting, and you’ll more than re-coup your initial investment over time.

Spend Twice as Much Time Outside by Doubling Down on Lighting

When temperatures start to climb, parties, dinners and family gatherings also begin to move outside. Landscape lighting lets you enjoy your outdoor space at all hours, extending the amount of time and use you get from your yard.

Strategically-placed path and well lights outline pathways, stairs and railings, accenting unique features and helping guests navigate through the space.