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Our Decor will add the most unique accents to your holiday display. Displays will add an element of novelty and fun to make your property come to life. Illuminated displays are a wonderful way to add character to day or night. Of course you cannot forget all of the enhancements and accessories to your traditional holiday decor.


The character of the Barcana brand.


Displays are the stand out pieces to and classic design.


Whether you’re adding a nativity to a traditional design or Santa on a bench for a perfect photo-op, displays bring it all to life.

Illuminated Displays

Light up your design with Illuminated Displays.


They are the perfect addition to a home or business full of lights.


They bring the glow and warmth we all love around the holidays.

Enhancements & Accessories

Customize your beautiful greenery and decor with Enhancements and Accessories.


Whether you are decorating a tree, wreath or garland, Enhancements add color and beautiful texture to any piece.

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