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Trees & Greenery

Barcana’s Artificial Trees are the Original Foundation of our Product Offerings


Over the years we have developed some of the most luxurious and beautiful trees on the market. We offer an assortment in both the interior and interior/exterior tree offering. You can choose from a unique selection of branch styles, lighting options and sizes.

Interior/Exterior Trees

Our interior/exterior trees were designed to be the focal point of any display.


Whether you are looking for a traditionally lit tree, or a cutting edge color-changing animated tree, you’ll be sure to attract attention with our newest product. To enhance the lighting, we have put attention to directing all of the lighting towards the edge of the branches to give you an impressive look.


We have also engineered our giant trees to have the ability to “grow” by adding sections to your tree year after year.


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Interior Trees

In true Barcana fashion, we took inspiration from the beauty of nature, and made it better. Our interior trees offer some of the best features found in live trees with special attention to construction and lighting. With options of one-plug-pole technology, they are easy to assemble and enjoy for years to come.

We take pride in the quality of this product and offer unmatched warranties.

Prestige Deluxe & Prestige

  • 6 season warranty on LED lights

  • 4 season warranty on Incandescent lights

  • 25-year warranty on the structure of the tree

Imperial Collection

  • 3 season warranty on Incandescent lights

  • 10-year warranty on the structure of the tree

Glow LED’s

We have taken extra measures in engineering the LED lights for our interior trees. In our Prestige Deluxe and Prestige collection we have created a LED light that nearly matches the color and brightness of a traditional incandescent while using a fraction of the energy. Additionally, these LED lights last longer than a standard incandescent. Our goal was to create a warm but soft ‘Glow’ perfect for the smaller quarters of a residential space.


Our line of wreaths and garland are made from top quality PVC and have been perfected over the years to bring you our fullest most lush greenery yet. These are the perfect canvas for adding bows, picks, deco-mesh or large C9 bulbs. Available both lit and unlit and a wide range of sizes. Lit greenery is available with mini lights in both LED and Incandescent.

We also offer a Pre-Decorated Greenery Collection. These offer professional-level designs in a budget-friendly price range. Ready to display as soon as you open the box.

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