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Our Story

The Decor Group, Inc. has been a pioneer in the holiday decor industry since 1986. Our contact with tens of thousands of clients in North America gives us early insight into emerging trends and needs in the marketplace. Our extensive manufacturing relationships give us the ability to create new products quickly—giving our wholesale clients a distinct market advantage.


In 2014, The Decor Group took over all domestic distribution for Barcana—moving this side of the business from southern California to Lubbock, Texas. This move cut transit times and shipping costs dramatically for most of Barcana’s domestic clients.


In June 2015, The Decor Group acquired the Barcana brand, with the vision to ‘revitalize’ the company by improving operations, enhancing product development practices, broadening the scope of the product lines, and improving existing products.  


As of June 2016, all Barcana operations have been relocated to our new 125,000-square-foot facility in Dallas, Texas.


In March of 2018, Barcana announced its North American Partnership with FDS illuminations. This brings a stunning line of large illuminated pieces which open doors for their customers to enter the commercial decorating market like never before.

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