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Enlarge Any Small Backyard with These 5 Tips

Do you love spending time in your backyard but avoid having guests over because of its small size? With a few tricks and illusions, you can actually make your backyard seem much larger than it actually is. By implementing proper gardening techniques and backyard furniture and decoration placement, your lawn will seem longer and you won’t be able to wait to host a get-together in your yard. Below, Nite Time Decor provides 5 techniques to try when trying to enlarge your outdoor space.

1. Place Colorful Plants Strategically

Using the right landscaping techniques can go a long way when trying to make your yard seem larger. When a homeowner chooses to place brighter, bolder plants of varying colors in the front of your backyard garden, it helps to extend an individual’s line of vision. Using this technique draws an individual’s eyes to the bold colors first and then to the rest of the plants behind it, receding your yard and making it seem larger as a result.

2. Add Layers

Implementing this technique is an unexpected way to create depth in your small space, expanding it by illusion. When we recommend adding layers, we don’t mean anything too extreme. Instead, we mean adding elements that may be slightly elevated, like an elevated or sunken patio or a meandering pathway.

3. Hang a Mirror

If your backyard is enclosed by walls, one of the easiest ways to make it seem larger is by hanging up a large mirror. This may not be an ordinary backyard decorative piece, but adding a mirror can add a sense of uniqueness to your outdoor space. A mirror will reflect light across the smaller outdoor space and make it seem as if the yard extends longer than it does in reality.

4. Create a Separate Space

Creating more than one “room” in your backyard can help to expand an outdoor space. For example, split the space into two by creating a distinct dining area with a table and chairs (it’s okay if they’re small!) and a separate space meant for lounging. To set the areas apart from one another, add plants, gravel or a path to make sure that they are distinct.

5. Install Outdoor Lighting

Strategically placing outdoor lighting across your yard can create the illusion of it being larger than it actually is. Homeowners have the choice to utilize a variety of Nite Time Décor outdoor lighting fixtures to aid this process. Placing path lights at the edge of a garden can create the illusion of an expanded yard. If your yard has tall trees, then installing cast brass tree down lights can help to create a moonlight effect while expanding your useable space in the evening. Similarly, spun brass spot lights placed around taller vegetation and trees  will help draw eyes outward, enlarging your yard in the process through this strategic illumination.

When it comes to trying to enlarge your yard so it seems bigger, it’s all about using techniques that create illusions and trick your mind. Whether you choose to just utilize outdoor lighting or decide to incorporate all five of these yard-expanding techniques, doing so will have a tremendous impact on your outdoor space!

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