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Landscape Lighting 101: Everything You Need to Know

With the flip of a switch, landscape lighting can turn your house from dull and drab to elegant and stylish. Adding landscape lighting to your front and backyard can accentuate and highlight your home’s architecture and bring attention to other elements like your garden or pool and spa. Not only can illuminating your home with landscape lighting ward off intruders and increase your home’s safety, but it also can help boost your home’s curb appeal during the nighttime hours.

Not sure where to get started? Today we outline some of the basics of landscape lighting so you’ll know how to illuminate your home and make it stand out as the brightest on your block.

Landscape Lighting Techniques to Give a Try

While there are numerous landscape lighting techniques that you can give a try, below are some of the most commonly used ones:

  1. Highlighting: This is easily one of the most common ways to incorporate outdoor lighting into your yard. With this technique, you or your landscape lighting professional installs a variety of lighting fixtures to highlight a specific focal point such as a tree, garden or other feature from varying angles.

  2. Washing: With wash lighting, a wide beam of light is aimed at the wall of a home, which creates remarkable highlights, glows and shadows. This lighting technique is best for homes that have brick or stone walls.

  3. Silhouetting: This lighting technique is for a more subdued effect. In silhouetting, the lighting product is installed behind the feature, like a shrub or plant, that the homeowner is looking to accentuate and aimed at a neighboring wall. This placements helps to create an illuminating backdrop effect where the element is outlined and softly shadowed, creating a beautiful and dramatic effect.

  4. Accenting: Accent lighting can add a sense of life to your home by crafting visual interest by drawing attention to a specific feature using a narrow beam of light. Fun outdoor lighting fixtures like Tiki torches can add a sense of festivity to your outdoor space. Contractors who utilize Nite Time Decor’s exclusive product line use specially designed brackets that allow precise fixture placement to pinpoint specific features of your house without any light overspill.

  5. Ambient Lighting: This type of lighting provides an outdoor area with overall illumination. Ambient lighting can help to brighten up patios or backyard spaces for eating and entertaining or pool and spa areas for swimming and relaxing.

When choosing outdoor lighting techniques to try in your yard, don’t be shy and add just one. Mixing and matching different landscape lighting techniques can give your yard a unique feel by focusing on a variety of elements. Hiring a professional outdoor lighting company to take care of the job can help you save the hassle and time associated with a DIY landscape lighting project.

To find a contractor in your area who utilizes a premium product line, visit our contact a contractor page today.

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