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Transform your Backyard Pool into a Backyard Resort

The mercury is rising, and days by the pool will turn into nights by the grill. Even the smallest backyard can be easily transformed into your own little oasis with some outdoor lighting and a little sprucing up.

Here are some tips to make your outdoor space into paradise:

1. Surround Your Pool with Tropical-Inspired Plants

Just because you don’t live in the Caribbean, doesn’t mean you can’t make your yard look like it! Plants near your pool should bring color and life to the area, like day lilies or hibiscus. You should also make sure to choose plants that won’t shed leaves or seeds into the water. If you plant a few trees, or already have some in the backyard, those have the added bonus of shade when it’s sweltering out.

2. Create an Inviting Space with Outdoor Lighting

Landscape lighting creates an enjoyable outdoor space for guests to enjoy during a refreshing night by the pool way after the sun goes down. You might want to try some Tiki torches around the corners of your pool for a truly tropical effect. And why not show off your new plants and flowers with some spotlights? You can also light any pathways into your home for quick access inside to restock snacks and drinks at your summer soirees. If you favor a more rustic look, you can hang some mason jars with candles on lawn stakes or set them on poolside tables for a romantic glow.

3. Add a Grill to Your Poolside Space

It’s not summer without burgers and hot dogs, so you’ll want to add a grill poolside! You can go lower-end with a small charcoal grill, just be sure to buy charcoal before your dinners and parties. Many prefer the taste of food cooked over charcoal! If you’re a grill master, you can look for higher-end features like rotisserie burners, griddles and side burners. Just make sure you have enough propane to cook the entire meal!

4. Keep the Bugs Away

With summer, comes mosquitoes and gnats. No one wants to be covered in bug bites, so keeping the insects at bay is key. One tried-and-true solution is citronella candles. You can place a few around your backyard, especially near any seating for guests to keep those pesky pests away. The candles add a nice glow after dusk and don’t require any clean-up… just blow them out when you’re done!

5. Supply Fun and Relaxing Seating Options

Your oasis will need a few lounging-around options. If you have trees, hang up a hammock to add to the beachy feel. If you don’t, a free-standing hammock will do the job as well. Adding some outdoor cushions in statement patterns will create a casual atmosphere that you can customize to your style. Even if you have old patio furniture, a coat of paint or some new pillows will give it a fresh, new vibe!

To learn about incorporating the right lighting options for your pool or spa, find a Nite Time Decor contractor near you today!

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